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Think – Girls-Night-Out-Meets-Craft-Night, this one of a kind mobile craft shop is perfect for crafting parties, cocktail parties, workshops, demos and more! Call it Pinterest on wheels if you will, Denise and her Crafty Camper will pay you a house call and teach you and your friends everything you need to know on how to make that DIY project you’ve pinned and stared at for weeks. Denise will bring everything you need to host a fabulous craft night with your friends… Minus the wine and cheese, the fee includes all materials needed to make the project.

The camper is also available to rent for private events, from birthday parties to bachelorette weekends.

Denise also sells homemade crafts and vintage treasures, as well as performs demos of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, for which she is a certified retailer.

The Crafty Camper Comes to Clover Market

Come visit the

which will be at the one day event at Clover Market, Chestnut Hill.
Experience for yourself what is so wonderful about
Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint at

The Crafty Camper will be set up with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and accessories for you to purchase.

I will also have a great Fall themed make and take craft that you'll be able to make
with the MMS milk paint and mason jars.
Stop by and see what craft we will be making that day.
For $10. per craft you will be able to dig in and sample what it's like to paint
with MMS milk paint. 

Come see why everyone's talking about and using MMS Milk Paint
on their painting projects for Fall.

Crafty Summer Party

Recently I filmed a segment for FOX29's GoodDay Philadelphia.
(TG for interns)

I shared some ideas for how YOU can have a crafty summer party.
Yes, you.
I started with some slate tiles from Home Depot and some green carpet squares from IKEA.
I want to create a base on the table that resembled an English Garden.
I thought it was pretty darn clever.

The first segment we filmed crafts.
So we painted a few mason jars.

After I cleared the crafts, I set up my version of a Ralph Lauren type picnic. 

Each guest would get a tray and a clean dish towel. 
(I like dish towels in place of napkins for their size)

The table was simply decorated with paint swatches and twine.

You've seen me do this before. 
The water bottle labels are covered in duck tape.

To create more time with the guests, most of the side dishes are pre-made and put in mason jars.
Easier to handle too.

I stole the watermelon idea from Kelly at Eclectically Vintage.

Other drinks we color coordinated and places in mason jars.
Fill a bucket with ice and place your mason jars in them if your not in the
bar-tending mood.

There's even some table top games color coordinated with the party.

Don't forget to accessorize your straws with washi tape too.

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Crafty Games for Summer

need I say more?
Get your crafty mom on.

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Craftiess Gardener on the Block

I fiddled around with some plants and pots the other day.
Totally simple crafts to add a little garden feel to you front porch or back patio.

I dry brushed the pots with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone.

Then glued a little moss to the edges.

The succulent planter is stolen straight from the pages of pinterest.
It's a bunt pan from the thrift store.
The point is, you place it on your outdoor table and your umbrella slides right through the whole in the
bunt pan.
I love it.
I don't have an outdoor table, or umbrella.
I love it anyhow.

So there.
Wamm bamm, thank you mame. Your outdoor patio looks 
like your a totally crafty girl.

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Simple Crafts for your Summer Party

The title should really be beyond simple crafts for your summer party...

voile. Now you're the craftiest girl on the block.

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Weekend Crafts with The Crafty Camper

If you're lookin' to get crafty and you like in the Philadelphia area, you have 2 choices this weekend.
It's a great chance to find out how you can upcycle tons of great finds from IMPACT thrift.

The second stop is Sunday, June 22nd at the award winning Clover Market in Ardmore, PA
Clover Market is a monthly outdoor market with antiques & collectibles, vintage jewelry & clothing, art, fine crafts, and handmade.
I'll have the Crafty Camper with me and teaching DIY workshops all day, or until I run out of supplies!
$5. per craft.